After Christ!!!!

After Christ, I refuse to believe (and know without a doubt) that without Him in my life my life and experiences would be better. I refuse and know this because I know how my life was before having a relationship with Him. Superficial. Before Christ, I had a thrill, but I was lost and depleted. […]

What Or Who Are You Resisting?

re·sist·ance (rəˈzistəns/) noun: the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. (Google Dictionary) Sentence, please!  I believe that having resistance to injustices such as racism, police brutality, sex trafficking, a good thing, but to exercise resistance when God is telling you to do something can […]

Picture This……

Picture this. You are searching and turning over everything in sight and in your path looking for something. You don’t know exactly what it is, but know that there is something you are missing. Something that you are supposed to have. Someone you are supposed to meet. You can’t put your finger on it, but […]

​What is Your Motive?

So they say be careful who you share your plans, dreams, or goals with. While I agree with this statement,  for a while now I’ve been thinking sometimes you need to do a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about some of those very things. You may question “why is that?” Well, I believe that sometimes we […]

Payback is Nice!!

One type of mail I like getting would be Class Action Lawsuit notifications with checks or some form of payment or restitution attached. Those can be nice suprises. Thank God for Lawyers and the Judicial system, and the people who take the time to submit their complaints. Complaining or standing up for what’s right has […]

Please, Open Up This Door!

Sometimes doors close in front of us or are already closed for a reason. That reason: you can’t have what is behind there OR a nicer way to put that is God doesn’t want you to go through that particular door. Because on the other side there may be circumstances, situations, people, and things that […]

What Season Are You In?

For everything there is a season. You know you are growing/progressing when you understand seasons in life. There may be times when you must toil for things and times where you reap the benefits of your labor. There may be seasons where you believe you have everyone in your corner and rooting for you and […]