​What is Your Motive?

So they say be careful who you share your plans, dreams, or goals with. While I agree with this statement,  for a while now I’ve been thinking sometimes you need to do a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about some of those very things. You may question “why is that?” Well, I believe that sometimes we have to put ourselves out there. This is especially true for my introvereted friends.  I think sometimes we secretly withhold all of the good and wonderful things we are working on to avoid looking like a failure, avoid showing weaknesses, and avoid being vunerable when exposing things that we deem important to us. Ironically, what we sometimes hide are the things that probably should be exposed. That exposure could provide us with the extra push that we need to progress, see change, and make things happen. That exposure can give us the accountability needed to actually submit a business proposal etc. That exposure can also help us with the creeping feeling of we are running the race alone (and being overwhelmed). While all individuals may not support us, we will have some individuals that God assigns as coaches and cheer leaders who will run the race with us and unselfishly celebrate our (your) victory in the end.  So yes, do be careful with who you share and confide in, but don’t allow your fear of exposure and accountability to keep you “playing it safe” and risk losing the team meant for you. Check your true motives of holding on and remaining in secrecy.  Suprises are good, but learn to let people help you thoughout your journey. You allowing them helps with fulfilling their own suprises. 


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