Payback is Nice!!

One type of mail I like getting would be Class Action Lawsuit notifications with checks or some form of payment or restitution attached. Those can be nice suprises. Thank God for Lawyers and the Judicial system, and the people who take the time to submit their complaints. Complaining or standing up for what’s right has its blessings for not just the indidviduals who initiated or took a stand, but those who come after or are affected somewhow. There is some good still out there. May not always seem that way with what we see everyday, but there is someone looking out for you whether you believe it or not. Believe and trust that God has your back and know that He looks out for those He loves. His love and desire to see you happy is much greater than what you can ever imagine. It’s incomparable to anything you have ever experienced….even when you think you have fully experienced it. His love just gets deeper and deeper. He’s looking out for you and the price paid for you should be an indicator about your value. 

#GodHasBeenLookingOutForUsBeforeWeEvenHadNames #HeDoesntForget #YourDayIsComing #WhenYouLeastExpectIt #OnTime #JesusDiedOnTheCrossForYou


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