Please, Open Up This Door!

Sometimes doors close in front of us or are already closed for a reason. That reason: you can’t have what is behind there OR a nicer way to put that is God doesn’t want you to go through that particular door. Because on the other side there may be circumstances, situations, people, and things that are not conducive to you and your growth. Those “things” that we sometimes desire for ourselves would only send us further from Him and on some path that is not intended for us or even necessary for our journey.  

So, instead of standing and waiting in front of a “door” (place, situation, person etc.) hoping that things will change or get better (or in this case open up) get into proper position so you can get in front of the door(s) that God has for you. You can get into position by taking action. Ask God what is it that you need to do if you don’t know. Then act. When it is from God, you will be at peace and you won’t have to look like an unwelcomed guest. That’s not to say you won’t have challenges, especially once you get in, but know that God gives us the grace to handle any situation that is thrown our way. Even those temptations we struggle with. 

#IWantToMakeSureIArriveToWhereGodInvitedMeTo #NoUnwelcomedGuestHere #WeHaveAChoiceButGodDoesntGiveUpOnThoseHeLoves #HeWillKeepTryingToGetYourAttention  #DontBeWithoutWorks


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